Saturday, November 13, 2010

Veteran’s Parade 2010

American Legion Post #186 was well represented at the parade in Manchester.

Hubert J. Whitlock and Pierce Tidwell have a great ride underneath them.

Toots Hobson designed one of the floats and made the decorations and costumes worn by the riders:  Jake and Morgan James, Joshua London, and Machala, Mitchell and Mathew Ralich.   The posters and the Purple Heart were made by Vic of JT Signs of Manchester.  Putting the float together on the trailer (loaned by Kerry James) was accomplished by Ed Hobson, Toots, Danny Sharp, John Norris and Buster McCoy. The week before the parade was wet and windy and cold so many thanks to those with red noses and frozen fingers who did the work.

There were a lot of moments that brought back good memories: